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Re: Reducing libc size

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 11:17:12AM -0400, Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc. wrote:
> Note that the total process size is indeed important, though it can be  
> misleading because many programs make very poor use of the total  
> memory they allocate, often resulting in many pages never being  
> touched.  However if a program does eventually, or occasionally, touch  
> every page of memory allocated to it then eventually each of those  
> pages will have to be made resident in memory for things to work.   

Ok, so 'overcommitting' is going on and only pages actually referenced
end up in RSS.

I propably need to study the NetBSD memory handling a bit closer. Is there
a user-centric description/howto/faq somewhere? 

A quick search brings up vmstat, pmap etc manual pages and
"Tuning NetBSD VM behaviour (swap usage)" at .


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