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Re: RFC: Going the LDAP/Kerberos way with NetBSD.

matthew sporleder skrev:
On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 11:16 AM, Anders Magnusson 
<> wrote:
 Now, after a much too long mail, comments please? :-)

These are some pretty big changes.  It might be easier to implement as
a minimal openldap backend (maybe just improving slapd-passwd) and
then pushing for netbsd to include slapd with just that backend
enabled.  This would allow you to ship a very simple slapd.conf which
pointed at the local passwd, group, etc files and you have an instant
replacement for NIS working on the same trusted infrastructure (text
files).  You could even have slapd listen on ldapi:// (ldap over unix
domain socket) for local-only queries.

Yep, but it still a giant amount of code. I also felt it has become a little too clever, I usually install iPlanet instead these days. It is also a large package,
but at least the admin gui is simple :-)

-- Ragge

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