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Re: using the interfaces in ctype.h

>> Look closer.  The object indexed inside the macro is _one past_ the
>> base of the array object being indexed; this is done specifically to
>> support EOF as an argument.
> Nope, that does not work, at least not if the parameter is an int
> variable,

No?  In what sense does it not work?  Remember that x[y] is equivalent
to *(x+y), except as regards operator precedence; in particular,
(x+1)[y] is equivalent to x[(y)+1].

>> Ideally, I'd say, ["save"] would mean "drop core when passed
>> anything out-of-range" (and I don't mean "drop core or access
>> something random, depending on the arg and how memory happens to be
>> laid out").
> And just how do you plan to do that with any traditional C
> implementation [...]

I don't.  That's why I wrote of a substantial performance penalty: it
would involve a substantially more complicated implementation.

> A simple mask provides all of the safety one can hope for given the
> present implementation.  :-)

Only if "safety" means "conflating invalid values with valid ones",
and, worse, either conflating EOF with some unsigned char or (almost)
doubling the size of the array.

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