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Re: using the interfaces in ctype.h

> (BTW, Terry, your address,, isn't usable from mailers
> which refuse to honour broken MX CNAMEs.  MX target hosts _must_ be
> canonical hostnames, i.e. host domain names with valid A records.

It's not clear how close Greg's pedantism is to today's reality.
CNAMEs have become much closer to what I might loosely term "DNS
symlinks" than the original concept of them as alias names, and most
software supports them as such.  Still, it probably would be advisable
to change it if it's not too much headache; it *is* broken de-jure even
if not de-facto.

Also, "with valid A records" is a pre-v6 artifact and should now be
read as "with valid address records".

> Your domain is liable to end up in the
> blacklist.)

This, per se, should not cause you any lost sleep.  I've been there for
a long time because they consider v6 bogus (one of my MX records has a
v6 address but no v4 address, for reasons irrelevant here) and have
seen no fallout whatsoever from it, not even from the lunatic fringe.
(Of course, depending on whom you correspond with, YMMV.)

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