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Re: pthread_setaffinity_np(), cpuset_t, etc.

Hello, (J.T. Conklin) wrote:
> Back in February/March there was discussion about cpuset_t as used by
> NetBSD and cpu_set_t as used by Linux. This was in the context of the
> ACE/TAO configure script failing as it assumed pthread_setaffinity_np
> and pthread_getaffinity_np uses cpu_set_t. I mentioned that I was one
> of the ACE/TAO maintainers and that I'd do what's necessary to get it
> to work whether NetBSD changed the name of to be more compatible or 
> not.

cpuset_t will be renamed to cpu_set_t for compatibility purposes. However,
this structure is a limitation of Linux API, and it should not be used.
Please see the related PR/38006. Recent Linux provides dynamic API, using
various macros like - CPU_ALLOC, CPU_FREE, etc. Unfortunately, they do not
bother to document them normally...

My free time is very limited at this moment, but I am working on all this,
and looking for a solution. After the fixes, man pages will be provided.

Best regards,

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