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growfs(8) for NetBSD


I've just adapted growfs(8) from OpenBSD (they adapted the FreeBSD code),
which is able to grow FFSv1 and FFSv2 filesystems.

I tested growing a partition in FFSv1 and FFSv2 from 1GB to 4GB and the
process was smooth (and fast); after this I ran 'fsck_ffs -yf /fs' and it
found one error that was fixed correctly.

I didn't find any error, so I'd think it should be safe to use it
everywhere. Also please note that I only tried it on i386, perhaps it needs
changes for BE and/or LP64 archs.

Please review and/or test it, thanks!

Juan Romero Pardines - xtraeme at gmail|netbsd dot org
        The NetBSD Project

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