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Re: SoC: Improve syslogd


I hope this won't give a duplicate post. I found the original message
via Google groups and provided feedback there - until I realized this
is actually a mailing list...

So here comes my reply again, this time on-list:

Hi Martin,

nice project :)

syslog-tls is not fully finished yet, so there could be some change.
But on the other hand, it is pretty basic and simple ;)

syslog-protocol, though a somewhat earlier version, is implemented (as
a pilot) in rsyslog:

If you like, I may be interested in interop testing. If you like that
idea, please mail me at (I am not a frequent
reader of this newsgroup).

Also, I wonder if you would be interested in adding support for relp,
a truely reliable event logging protocol (syslog-transport-tls offers
reliability, but not in all cases). I am currently working on
something called RELP - the reliable event logging protocol - and
there will also be a GPLed relp library - so adding it shall be pretty
easy. Rsyslog will support it some time in April. A rough "spec" can
be found here:

The relp library's (librelp) git web is here:;a=summary


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