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Re: 64 bit time_t changes

On Mar 23,  1:09am, (Havard Eidnes) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: 64 bit time_t changes

| > Second -- when did we last bump libc?
| As others have pointed out, "a long time ago".
| I vaguely seem to recall some comments made at the time that "we
| should never, *ever* again bump the libc major".
| If I've understood correctly, bumping the libc major will for a smooth
| transition require us to bump the major version number of *all* other
| shared libraries which use libc?  If so, that would mean "all third-
| party libraries", including pkgsrc-provided stuff.  As such, it's not
| a decision we should be making lightly.

The point is that changing time_t is so pervasive that not bumping libc
will lead to more confusion since compiling libraries against the new
headers and linking with libraries compiled with old headers will break
all apis which have changed types (timeval, timespec, time_t, stat, passwd,


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