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Re: short _file in stdio -> fd leak

>> (Personally, I'd just use an int elsewhere and duplicate the low
>> bits into the current slot for the sake of ABI compatability, making
>> that low-bits duplicate write-only except for legacy users of
>> fileno().)
> fileno() isn't exactly legacy use.  It's pretty well used.

By "legacy" I meant only "compiled pre-change", not "deprecated" or
anything like it.

>> Or we could blow off ABI compatability.  We've done that before.
> Where?

1.x executables that use nested functions crash under 2.0, is the first
example that comes to mind.  (Yes, I know why they do, and I think I
even mostly understand why the change was made, but really, given the
nature of its major benefit, I don't see why pre-2.0 executables
weren't grandfathered.)

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