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Re: rpcgen(1) bugs

In article <>,
Jukka Salmi  <> wrote:
>while trying to use rpcgen(1) on a -current system I noticed the
>following fault:
>$ cd /tmp
>$ rpcgen -h
> * Please do not edit this file.
> * It was generated using rpcgen.
> */
>Segmentation fault (core dumped)
>cc1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
>Please submit a full bug report,
>with preprocessed source if appropriate.
>See <URL:> for instructions.
>A possible fix for this problem (taken from FreeBSD's rpcgen) is

Fixed, thanks.

>Furthermore, rpcgen seems to produce code which fails to compile:


     -b      Compile stubs in "backwards compatible" mode, disabling support
             for transport-independent RPC.  The -b should always be specified
             when generating files for NetBSD, since there is no transport-
             independent RPC support in NetBSD.

Perhaps we should make this the default since I don't think we ever want
to use tli.


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