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Umlaut FAQ on out of date


reading about localisation here... looks like the answer to the question about the display of localised
characters at

is out of date. For NetBSD 3.1 (even back in the times of 1.4) the file
base.tgz contains the /usr/share/locale/ directory hierarchy and I do
not know where the file locale.tgz came from.

Using LC_ALL=iso_8859_1 in ~/.profile does _not_ enable the display of
umlaut characters in /bin/sh when used as a login shell. This works only
if I set LC_CTYPE to "en_US.ISO8859-1" and _then_ start /bin/sh from this
The leads me to the conclusion that the environment for the shell has to be
established before the shell is started, ie by using login.conf.
Is this correct?

Is there any difference between

? I could not detect any.


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