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Re: Processor sets, affinity, real-time extensions

John Nemeth wrote:
On Jun 1,  8:57pm, "Mindaugas R." wrote:
} } here is the implementation of processor-sets and CPU affinity calls. Also,
} this implements POSIX real-time extensions like: pthread_getschedparam(),
} pthread_setschedparam(), pthread_setschedprio(), sched_setscheduler(),
} sched_getscheduler(), etc. A userland utility schedctl(1) is provided too.

     Does schedctl(1) allow you to set affinity for a process?

     Also, will there be a way to forcibly remove all processes from a
processor regardless of affinity and cease scheduling any processes on
it?  I'm thinking this would be useful if you discover there is some
kind of problem with the processor or you want to physically remove the
processor from the machine.

See cpuctl(8), it almost does what you want.


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