Subject: Re: Compiling NetBSD with another compiler.
To: None <>
From: Thorsten Glaser <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 09/27/2007 12:55:52
Joerg Sonnenberger dixit:

>On Sat, Sep 15, 2007 at 01:23:58PM +0200, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
>>  * this is only C, no C++, right?
>Yes. C++ is a mess to implement. Note that I think the only piece of C++
>in base is groff.

Well, GNU groff is replaceable.

>Another thing to buy from SCO now :-)

Putting something like this one:
into base and making the full GNU groff suite a package was the
thing I thought of as sensible. Benefit would be the ability to
upgrade GNU groff more often (without syspkgs, even), less GPL=E2=80=99d
crap and especially no C++ crap in the base system. Another thing
from SCO (that code stems from 4.4BSD-alpha from TUHS).

The code=C2=B9 is a mess, and there are bugs (sometimes, a line ending
is missing, rarely on i386, more often so on sparc), but =E2=80=93 except
for terminfo(5) which has too many diversions for tbl(1) =E2=80=93 it=E2=80=
building all of our manpages rather finely.

Just in case someone cares =E2=98=BA Theo would be interested in it too
if there were someone to clean up the code and make it legible.
I=E2=80=99m not too keen on that, though=E2=80=A6


=C2=B9) I have ditroff sources flying around here, but they don=E2=80=99t b=
   either a copyright notice or a licence; mtimes are pre-Berne
   convention, but as a non-US citizen I guess I still can=E2=80=99t use
   it, and BWK didn=E2=80=99t respond to my enquiting email, so I stuck
   with nroff (and ignored troff, no C/A/T typesetter here =E2=98=BB).
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