Subject: fix /etc/rc.d/swap[12] scripts to use correct load_rc_config
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 09/20/2007 17:42:11
See this log message:

revision 1.4
date: 2000-07-17 05:27:04 -0700;  author: lukem;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2;
use "load_rc_config swap" for swap1 and swap2

Okay if I revert this to use ${name}? What was the purpose?

It is misleading: as the admin assumes /etc/rc.conf.d/swap1 for swap1.

Also it means the same stuff may happen twice.

See PR #37009 if you want to see example.

Also what about lkm1, lkm2, lkm3?
revision 1.3
date: 2000-07-14 19:30:18 -0700;  author: lukem;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2;
share the same load_rc_config between the lkm* scripts

Is that okay too?

If these shouldn't be reverted, then maybe we should have the rc.d script 
output where configs come from in the "rcvar" output such as:

$ /etc/rc.d/lkm2 rcvar
# lkm2
# /etc/rc.conf.d/lkm

  Jeremy C. Reed