Subject: Re: raidframe parity: daily and before securelevel
To: rudolf <>
From: Greg Oster <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/17/2007 15:42:29
rudolf writes:
> Hi,
> I think that /etc/rc.d/raidframeparity should be ordered before 
> /etc/rc.d/securelevel - otherwise it is possible to get EPERM if the 
> securelevel is raised in /etc/rc.conf and the parity might then be left 
> dirty.
> It might be useful to test if the parity is clean from /etc/daily along 
> with failed raidframe components too.
> What do you think? See the attached patches (made against recent netbsd-4).

The only reason a parity check should fail is if one of the 
components has errors, which the "has anything failed?" check 
should detect.

That said, I certainly have nothing against the changes...  


Greg Oster