Subject: Re: ^C in fsck (segue from tech-kern)
To: None <>
From: Alan Barrett <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/04/2007 21:51:20
On Wed, 04 Apr 2007, der Mouse wrote:
> Speaking of abilities which it would be nice to have restored, I find
> that in 3.1, typing ^C during the boot-time fsck simply terminates the
> fsck and startup continues, apparently normally.  Under the 1.4T I'm
> used, to, this stops the fsck and drops into single-user mode, which
> I think is by far the more useful behaviour.  What would it take to
> bring that back?  (It might be trivial - I haven't looked yet.)

According to the cvs log for src/etc/rc.d/fsck, this should have been
fixed in revision 1.6 dated 2006-10-07, in response to PR 29822.  This
change has been pulled up to the netbsd-2 and netbsd-3 branches, and
appears to be in netbsd-3.1.  If it still doesn't work, then perhaps you
could figure out why.

--apb (Alan Barrett)