Subject: Re: /dev/MAKEDEV and mknod -[rR]
To: NetBSD User-Level Technical Discussion List <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 02/25/2007 14:05:23
At Sun, 25 Feb 2007 00:05:50 -0500 (EST),
der Mouse wrote:
> Fortunately it turned out to be enough to make the "std" devices
> manually; then the diskless machine could come up far enough for me to
> run MAKEDEV on the diskless machine.  But my impression is that you're
> supposed to be able to run MAKEDEV on the NFS server in such
> circumstances, in which case this amounts to a bug.  (I'd argue the
> lack of an option to override it is a bug in any case.)

I always use the init(8) /dev creation feature for my diskless machines.

That's why I went to such lengths to actually move MAKEDEV into /sbin
(where it belongs :-)) in my source tree.  It just makes everything so
much simpler.

I also have my diskless kernels mount /etc as a separate filesystem
since that makes it even easier to set up diskless clients, especially
when the server is the same kind of platform.  E.g. my ss20 workstation:

root on le0
nfs_boot: trying RARP (and RPC/bootparam)
nfs_boot: client_addr= (RARP from
nfs_boot: server_addr=
nfs_boot: gateway=
nfs_boot: my_mask=
root mounted from
/etc mounted from
root file system type: nfs

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