Subject: Re: cscope
To: None <>
From: James K. Lowden <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 11/01/2006 23:54:50
Chuck Cranor wrote:
> I propose that we import cscope into our source tree.
> It is open source and has a BSD license (see
> ). It is also an improvement over
> /usr/bin/ctags.

I like cscope, too, but I don't see why it should be part of the base OS. 
It's useful only for C development.  I don't know about you, but I have
several NetBSD machines that I don't use for that purpose.  

I think "handy for C development" is too narrow a basis for adding
something that otherwise makes a very fine package.  Especially if it's
maintained outside the NetBSD project.  

Yes, I know the same argument could be made for BIND.  Maybe it should be,
although not for nothing it is the NetBSD project we're talking about, not
the CBSD project.  

Just one man's opinion, of course.