Subject: cscope
To: None <>
From: Chuck Cranor <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 11/01/2006 13:11:12

   I propose that we import cscope into our source tree.
It is open source and has a BSD license (see ).
It is also an improvement over /usr/bin/ctags.

   I also think we should take advantage of being an open source project 
and look into providing better indexing of our source tree.  Our current
efforts on this front are broken (/var/db/libc.tags is not useful, see
PR 34913).  I would like to see us use better tools (e.g. cscope) and
provide more coverage (e.g. not just libc).

   Locally, I've been indexing the entire NetBSD "src" module with cscope
and I've found that quite useful.   It takes about 1 minute to index 3.0
on my 1.7GHz i386 desktop (the resulting index is ~400MB).

   It would also be nice to provide a web-based view into the source
tree, kind of like what open solaris does (but maybe without java and
all the baggage it brings).   see
for an example.