Subject: Re: isspace and compiler warnings
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/18/2006 12:47:35
>> (The API design is slightly broken in that it cannot work right on
>> architectures where char and int are the same, but that's not a
>> problem for NetBSD.)
> I don't think such platforms exist.  IIRC sizeof(char) == 1 and
> INT_MAX >= 32767 by ISO C :-)

Yes.  But nothing says sizeof() units are octets.  I think some DSPs
are word-addressed and use C with char, short, and int all one word (of
24? 32? bits) long.  I don't see any particular reason why such a thing
would be forbidden, with the possible exception of interfaces like
stdio which use EOF as an out-of-band value in a stream of chars; it'd
probably need an interpretation ruling to settle.

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