Subject: dhclient vs. a preexisting default route - PR#22418
To: None <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/06/2006 21:46:17
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PR#22418 details a problem with dhclient not properly switching default
routes if one already exists; the original submitter had a problem when
he got a short-lived DHCP address on one rfc1918 network, followed by a
longer lease with a public address, dhclient wouldn't properly set up
the default.

Arnaud Lacombe has appended a patch which fixes the issue, but the fix
brings up a couple of questions for me, so I wanted to garner opinions
before changing it.

 - do we want a DHCP-supplied default route to override?  Most of the
time it's desireable, but I could see an argument against it.
 - if DHCP overrides, is it OK to implicitly change the behavior from
"first router is chosen" to "last router is chosen"?


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