Subject: Re: Inquiry re: rsync replacement
To: Michiel Buddingh' <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/18/2006 08:23:42
On Tue, 18 Apr 2006, Michiel Buddingh' wrote:

> A final question is wether there's really any pressing need
> for a BSD-licensed rsync replacement.  NetBSD has sup and
> mtree in base, which provide for much of rsync's functionality,
> if not its performance.  

Can you point us to some example usage? Or can you provide some examples 
here of using sup and mtree to replace rsync?

> Unless I'm mistaken, csup (
> provides a BSD-licenced synchronisation tool that uses the 
> rsync protocol.

The csup webpage doesn't mention much about that or how it can be used.

Can you share an example of using csup as a rsync replacement?

And can you share an example of using csup to connect to a rsync server?

Or point to some docs about it?

> The rsync protocol can be improved to decrease server load, but
> unless there are sound reasons to do so, a project to write
> a replacement seems like a gigantic waste of effort to me.

I agree it is a waste of time. To me, it looks like we need documentation 
and need to tell people about the alternatives.

(By the way, I think the rsync replacement was added to the list before 
csup existed.)

 Jeremy C. Reed

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