Subject: Re: openbgpd 3.7
To: David Young <>
From: Thomas E. Spanjaard <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/23/2006 12:23:22
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David Young wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 22, 2006 at 09:40:11PM -0500, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
>>In message <>, Thor Lancelot Simon writes:
>>>On Sun, Jan 22, 2006 at 07:36:46PM -0600, David Young wrote:
>>>>It would be a shame to squander openbgpd's *.mk-based build and
>>>>cross-buildability by putting it into pkgsrc instead of into base.
>>>I tend to agree.  With syspkg so close to working, I think this is
>>>precisely the sort of thing that should go into /usr/src though quite
>>>possibly not into the traditional base.tgz tar file.
>>Should we have extras.tgz for such things?  And perhaps move some other 
>>very lightly used programs to it?
> How about router.tgz, for all of the lightly-used routing daemons?

I would prefer a router.tgz (or perhaps rather,routedaemons.tgz, or 
routetools.tgz) above pkgsrc anyday. However, I have no idea if syspkgs 
is anywhere near being finished; it's been years since work on it started.

Please CC me replies made to tech-userlevel@ exclusively, I'm not on 
that list (yet? :)).

         Thomas E. Spanjaard

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