Subject: Re: NSS
To: Fernando Silveira <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/04/2005 08:54:11
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On Sun, Jul 03, 2005 at 11:06:56AM -0300, Fernando Silveira wrote:
  | Do you known if there is anybody working in the NSS plugins
  | implementation? I'm interested in start working on it.

NetBSD's libc has supported dynamic nsswitch modules since 24 July 2004,
and that code is in netbsd-3 as well as netbsd-current.

The internal nsswitch "API" used by various functions (such as
getpwent(3), getgrent(3)) has been made more consistent, although
I only recently requested pullups to netbsd-3 for these.
This makes it easier to write dynamic modules,
at least for "passwd" and "group"; I've ported samba's to this.

The documentation on the new (internal) API convention is still
a bit lacking -- I hope to eventually rectify this.
Note: Not all "standard" getXXbyYYY functions have been converted
to the internal API; until that's done not all databases in
nsswitch.conf(5) can have dynamic backends (without ugly hacks).

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