Subject: Re: ingres and atomicity
To: None <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 06/14/2005 14:17:16
James K. Lowden said:

>I'd like to understand those issues better, for my own edification.  The
>docs say they demand 3.3.2; they don't say what the trouble with 3.3.3 is.

The original source that I downloaded was documented to require 3.3.3 or
3.3.2. This may have changed. I tried to build on Slackware 10, which comes
with 3.3.4, and got what seemed to be compiler errors that caused the build
to fail. Building also requires a special version of pax, that can only be
downloaded from CA as a linux binary.

CA has a history of acquiring software and then ruining it.

>Well.  In 1985 Ingres had features not yet in Postgres, including for
>example clustered servers.  From what I know/remember of the feature sets,
>there's really no comparison.  

I last used Ingres in 1995-96. It seemed to be basically a lightweight,
commercial database that was not up to the level of informix, sybase, or

It looks like CA doesn't sell Ingres, but does have it for various
platforms. The source that I downloaded had all the info stripped out
except for Linux. This may have changed since last year when I tried
to build it. I downloaded the source last September and again in
October. I suspect it has changed since then.
Rick Kelly
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