Subject: Re: is vi(1)'s autoindent the right default behaviour?
To: None <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/09/2005 14:09:06
>                                                                   There
> are no scrollbars (either vertical or horizontal ones) in XFree86 4.x's
> xclipboard(1) even if the text copied is too large to fit on the
> current clipboard window.

Try adding:

    *text.scrollHorizontal:	Always
    *text.scrollVertical:	Always

to your X resources.  I liked the old behaviour of only adding the scroll
bars when they were needed but "WhenNeeded" instead of "Always" doesn't work
(xc/lib/Xaw/Text.c has code like:

    if (q == QScrollNever || q == QScrollWhenNeeded)
	scrollMode = XawtextScrollNever;

).  The horizontal scroll bar positioning is still sometimes broken though.

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