Subject: Re: is vi(1)'s autoindent the right default behaviour?
To: Pavel Cahyna <>
From: Igor Sobrado <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/09/2005 12:59:52
> On Mon, 09 May 2005 10:14:27 +0200, Igor Sobrado wrote:
> > I was not sure about the right behaviour for vi(1).  I guess I am too
> > used to xclipboard(1) --- by the way, both xclipboard(1) and xmh(1) are
> > a broken since XFree86 4.x, I hope these commands will be fixed in
> I certainly used xclipboard with XFree86 4.x . How is it broken?

Hello, Pavel.

When running other X servers (Solaris' Xsun, IRIX's Xsgi, HP-UX's one,
and XFree86 3.x) there are two scrollbars in xclipboard(1) that appear
IF the text copied is longer than the xclipboard(1) window size.  There
are no scrollbars (either vertical or horizontal ones) in XFree86 4.x's
xclipboard(1) even if the text copied is too large to fit on the
current clipboard window.  On these X Window System servers, there is
a small black rectangle at the right side of the lines that are too long
to fit on the xclipboard(1) window too.  These black rectangles are
sometimes useful.

At least, xclipboard(1) works once added the copy and paste resources
to our ~/.Xresource files.  But there is not an easy method to move
through the copied text as we need to use the cursor keys instead.

xmh(1) has serious problems refreshing the window when new mail arrives.
The window contents are corrupted until we resize the xmh(1) main window.
It did not occurs on XFree86 3.x.

Same happens to some external applications like xgraph(1), but in this
case I do not know if it is a xgraph(1) problem.

I see that annoying behaviour in any computer running XFree86 4.x, it
is not a NetBSD/OpenBSD/FreeBSD/Linux, or so on specific issue.

I hope that someone will fix this issue in either XFree86 or X.Org.

Thanks a lot for asking!