Subject: Re: spamd (was Re: CVS commit: src/etc)
To: YAMAMOTO Takashi <>
From: Jim Wise <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/11/2005 19:33:36
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On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, YAMAMOTO Takashi wrote:

>> It is a _really_ bad idea for us to call a new program `spamd'.  We 
>> should not do it.  Pretty much everyone agrees on this point.  Do you 
>> disagree?
>i agree.  i thought i said it in the previous mail.
>i can understand why you want to rename it.
>however, i don't think it's worth to do.

You keep saying this, but you haven't actually told us why you think it 
is not worth it.  You've made vague noises about `conflicts', but that's 

>i didn't say "conficts" in the sense of cvs.
>eg. if both of spamd use /etc/spamd.conf, it's a conflict i meant.
>talking about cvs, don't you know the fact that even simple changes
>in a manpage involve boring, time consuming merging work?
>besides, i don't think there're no changes needed to code.

I've just done this.  spamd is now pfspamd.  spamdb is now pfspamdb.  
spamd-setup is now pfspamd-setup.  There _were_ no changes required to 
the code.  Period.

Tomorrow morning, I will be committing changes to pfspamd to use 
/etc/pfspamd.conf and /var/chroot/pfspamd, and to rename spamlogd to 
pfspamlogd, for consistency.  This requires two lines of 
changed code under src/dist/pf.  If you would like, I hereby volunteer 
to resolve any and all conflicts which spring up in those two lines.

>> Secondly, even if there were a small maintenance cost involved, I don't 
>> agree with this style of thinking -- this is just taking a small 
>> maintenance cost on our part and pushing it off onto a large maintenance 
>> cost for our users.  I know that some other projects (including the one 
>> pf's `spamd' came from) often do just this, but we have a long proud 
>> history of not doing so.
>as i said in the previous mail, renaming yields another confusion.
>eg. for people who uses pf spamd on another BSD as well.

Yes.  But there are far fewer of those than there are users of 
spamassassin.  And while there are already many, many users of 
spamassassin _on NetBSD_, pf's `spamd' is new to NetBSD.

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				Jim Wise
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