Subject: Re: sh & IFS
To: David Laight <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/01/2005 20:35:12
>> >Incidently, at this point, what's left in ksh that isn't in /bin/sh?
>> In 2.0 anyway, emacs mode bindings for [pd]ksh's 
>> \e\e	complete word
>> \e=	list possible completions
>> \e.	yank last word from previous line
>Fix libedit....  I only use the 'vi' style editing - which I fixed.

I fixed all that in pdksh (emacs mode) - many years ago when I was the

>> cd -2 or cd -mk would take me to /g/sjg/work/sjg/mk
>Eh? what has that got to do with arrays?

/etc/ksh.cdhist is implemented using arrays

>In any case the ksh arrays aren't in posix, and are unlikely to be
>implemented - they are just plain broken.

Then I'll stick with ksh - cdhist is the only reason I ever saw for
supporting arrays though ;-) though I generally avoid writing ksh
specific scripts.

>sh also doesn't keep a cd history, nor even a persistent (or shared)

ksh doesn't keep cd history by default either, my /etc/ksh.kshrc
includes ksh.cdhist though and it blows to do without.
You could probably re-implement cdhist so it doesn't need arrays - but
I never tried.  If interested, it's at