Subject: Re: locale ctype corrections
To: None <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 03/08/2005 17:50:08
> > In the architectural view, isw?xdigit(c) is not always true when
> > isw?digit(c) is true, because SUSv3 defines 'digit' class and
> > 'xdigit' class individually.  ctype.h would rathar be changed than
> > iswctype.c.  The current ctype.h (derived from 4.3BSD) is not
> > sufficient to conform to SUS and we need to overhaul ctype.h.
> charactors in digit class are automatically included in xdigit.
> see "Valid Character Class Combinations" in susv3.

I made an oversight, sorry.

I think, then, Nozaki-san's patch is so-so reasonable,
although such justification should be done by mklocale(1) or
the loader part of the runetype table.
(Anyway, ctype.h should be overhauled... it cannot handle
'print' and 'graph' class appropriately.)