Subject: Re: iconv(3) prototype
To: None <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 08/04/2004 05:22:22
> >Oops, I reverted them... we should not touch them any more before
> >the conclusion of the POSIX committee meetings, should we?
> It seems to me that it is better to be compatible with the rest of the
> OS's out there. Soda-san posted a list of prototypes from a variety
> of OS's, and it seems to me that the other OS's are migrating from
> "const char **restrict" to "char **restrict" which seems backwards to
> me, but at least it is consistent (between the OS's). Since we have
> not had a formal release with iconv(3), so I think that we should
> follow what the majority of the OS's do. It is best right now to wait
> a couple of days before doing anything and get klaus' opinion.