Subject: TCFS include files, termcap query
To: None <>
From: VaX#n8 <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/12/2004 20:35:01
I'm integrating TCFS with NetBSD and I think I'm going to put each userland
TCFS program in its own directory, to comport with NetBSD's dominant
organization in /usr/src/*bin.  They also have some common functions in a
library, no problem I guess it can go in /usr/src/lib/libtcfs.  But they also
have some common include files, and it's not clear to me where these should
go.  These include files used by the userland have some degree of overlap
with the kernel include files /usr/src/sys/fs/tcfs/*.h but are not identical.
Where should they be placed?  I'm tempted to put them in /usr/src/lib/libtcfs.
Also, what is the normal procedure for using the same include files in kernel
and userland?  Should I make a unified set that goes in /usr/src/include or
what?  Please help as moving file around in CVS leaves annoying Attic dirs
and empty dirs and in general isn't good to do.

Also, I'm sshing into a Fedora Core 1 Linux box and finding that many of the
manpages show something like "&<80><98>target&<80><99>" when the manpage
(iptables.8) includes something like this:

a `target', which may be a jump to a user-defined chain in the same

Can anyone point me in a direction to fix this?
It makes manpages hard to read by screwing up the spacing.
I'm no termcap/terminfo wizard.