Subject: Re: POSIX nit for iconv(3)
To: None <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/06/2004 16:40:49
> I ran into a slight problem with a program that expects iconv(3) to r=
> an error when it encounters an invalid input character sequence. Inst=
ead of
> an error, NetBSD's iconv(3) will replace the sequence with '?'.

Normally, our iconv also stops and returns an error in such case:

% echo =E4=F6lk | iconv -f us-ascii -t iso-8859-1
iconv: iconv(): Illegal byte sequence

> The problem can be repeated by attempting to feed iconv(1) with
> ISO-8859-1 characters as follows: =

> =

> % echo =E4=F6lk | iconv -f iso-2022-jp -t iso-8859-1
> ??lk
> iconv: warning: invalid characters: 2

The behaviour you reported seems to be a problem of module.
This has to be fixed.  Thank you.