Subject: Re: Policy questions
To: Bruce J.A. Nourish <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/31/2003 16:14:08
On Sun, Dec 28, 2003 at 09:48:13PM -0700, Bruce J.A. Nourish wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> A few burning questions that I can't find an answer to anywhere else:
>  * Have we considered removing UUCP from the base distribution? It
>    seems to be there just for old times' sake (*duck*). We would get
>    rid of a bunch of GNU code, to boot.

They could probably be turned into packages, yes.

>  * Have we considered removing r{sh,cmd,cp} from the base distribution?
>    They are of dubious security and utility, and, I think, OpenBSD has
>    already ditched them.

They're extremely usefull on fast local networks, where security may
not matter that much, and use them daily. On a 100Mb/s network, rsh can
transfers data at more than 10MB/s where ssh is limited to 2MB/s. I really 
object to removing them from the base system.

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 23 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference