Subject: Re: dd could replace rawrite
To: James K. Lowden <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/10/2003 12:50:58
On Thursday, October 9, 2003, at 11:42  PM, James K. Lowden wrote:

> Because I don't like rawrite32, I ported dd(1) to Win32.  That entailed
> porting a fair bit of libc and introducing some Microsoftisms, but all 
> is
> otherwise well.  It wasn't particularly hard, and required calling just
> two win32 functions.  The rest was include file adjustments.

Did you consider using Cygwin?  (Does Cygwin already have a dd command? 
  I don't remember...)

Anyway, I'd certainly like to see your work!

         -- Jason R. Thorpe <>