Subject: Re: static linking for NetBSD
To: None <,>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 09/15/2003 23:11:47

>>>>> "Brett" == Brett Lymn <> writes:
    Brett> Errrr Linux is not a good thing to benchmark against - the horrors

  Yes, maybe a good point.

    >> I find it much easier to do:
    >> % /sbin/md5sum /sbin/login 

    Brett> And you actually trust your md5sum is not trojaned?  How
    Brett> interesting. 

  I give this example metaphorically :-)

    Brett> Having managed Sun systems for many years, yes, Sun do get it pretty
    Brett> much right.  I can apply patches for shared libraries to my system

  Sounds great. I stopped using Sun's in day to day use sometime around
Solaris 2.3, when the Sparc port starting being useable :-)

    Brett> grovelling ones which may break).  I have had troubles getting a RH8
    Brett> binary running in RH9 due to, what seems to be, arbitrary interface
    Brett> changes in glibc - trying to point at linux as an example of why
    Brett> shared libraries is bad is dodgy, their philosophy is wrong which
    Brett> flows down to their implementation which causes pain and lossage.
    Brett> NetBSD, at least, works to avoid doing that.

  But, we still share code with them: X, KDE, GNOME. At least they were
optional. That's why I don't want PAM in my /bin/login. I don't want to
share that incompetence!

  The fact that I don't need it for anything I do, while BSD auth provides
some things that I've found useful also sways me. 

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