Subject: 4-clause to 3-clause license
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 08/07/2003 18:34:03
	not sure if tech-userlevel is a good place to ask this.

>Module Name:	src
>Committed By:	agc
>Date:		Thu Aug  7 09:21:14 UTC 2003
>Modified Files:
>	src/dist/bind/bin/dig: dig.c
>	src/dist/bind/bin/host: host.c
>	src/dist/bind/bin/named: db_defs.h db_dump.c db_func.h db_glob.h
>	    db_glue.c db_load.c db_lookup.c db_save.c db_sec.c db_tsig.c
>	    db_update.c ns_defs.h ns_forw.c ns_func.h ns_glob.h ns_init.c
>	    ns_main.c ns_maint.c ns_req.c ns_resp.c ns_signal.c ns_sort.c
>	    ns_stats.c
>	src/dist/bind/bin/named-xfer: named-xfer.c
>	src/dist/bind/bin/nslookup: commands.l debug.c getinfo.c list.c main.c
>	    pathnames.h res.h send.c skip.c subr.c
>	src/dist/bind/doc/bog:
> named.boot.cache named.boot.primary named.boot.secondary
>	    named.local resolv.conf root.cache ucbhosts
>	    ucbhosts.rev
>	src/dist/bind/include: netdb.h resolv.h
>	src/dist/bind/include/arpa: nameser.h nameser_compat.h
>	src/dist/bind/lib/bsd: daemon.c mktemp.c setenv.c strcasecmp.c
>	    strerror.c strpbrk.c strsep.c strtoul.c
>	src/dist/bind/lib/inet: inet_addr.c inet_lnaof.c inet_makeaddr.c
>	    inet_netof.c inet_network.c inet_ntoa.c
>	src/dist/bind/lib/irs: dns_ho.c irpmarshall.c lcl_gr.c lcl_ho.c
>	    lcl_nw.c lcl_pr.c lcl_pw.c lcl_sv.c nis_gr.c
>	src/dist/bind/lib/resolv: herror.c res_comp.c res_debug.c res_init.c
>	    res_mkquery.c res_query.c res_send.c
>	src/dist/bind/man: dig.1 host.1 named-xfer.8 named.8 nslookup.8
>	src/dist/dhcp/includes/arpa: nameser.h nameser_compat.h
>	src/dist/dhcp/includes/minires: resolv.h
>	src/dist/dhcp/includes/netinet: if_ether.h ip.h ip_icmp.h udp.h
>	src/dist/dhcp/minires: res_comp.c res_init.c res_mkquery.c res_query.c
>	    res_send.c
>	src/dist/dhcp/omapip: inet_addr.c
>	src/dist/ipf/ipsend: tcpip.h
>	src/dist/ntp/libntp: memmove.c mktime.c random.c
>	src/dist/tcpdump: arcnet.h ether.h icmp6.h ip.h ip6.h nameser.h nfs.h
>	    sll.h tcp.h telnet.h timed.h udp.h
>Log Message:
>Move UCB-licensed code from 4-clause to 3-clause licence.
>Patches provided by Joel Baker in PR 22253, verified by myself.

	does UCB license change (from 4-clause to 3-clause) cover code that is
	not originally shipped with 4.4BSD?  here we are changing license on
	BIND8 (BIND8 was not in 4.4BSD, BIND4 was), ISC DHCP and tcpdump.
	files *may* have derived from 4.4BSD code, but i'm just not sure if
	these BIND8 source code are covered by UCB license change.