Subject: Re: /etc/issue [& /etc/]
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/22/2003 01:14:25
>I'm planning on adding support for /etc/issue (gettytab) & 
>/etc/ (everything else) to NetBSD.  These files contain 
>*uninterpreted* text to be written before issuing the login: prompt.  
>While gettytab(5) can provide that functionality now, inconvenient to 
>use (especially for scripts or programs).
>telnetd/rlogind/sshd will try to use /etc/, and if that is not 
>available they will try to use /etc/issue.  In either situation, the 
>evalution of things in /etc/getttytab will remain unchanged.
>This also gives NetBSD equivalent functionality to HPUX, Solaris, 
>Linux, Tru64, and other modern Unix-like operating systems.

my gettytab man page (dated may 20, 2003) says this:

     if        str               NULL       display named file before prompt,
                                            like /etc/issue

so all we really need is a "pty" pseudo-type in gettytab, and then to
assign an alternate "if" property to the pty  or were
you speaking of something different?

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