Subject: compiling net-snmp 5.0.8 with memory/vmstat modules
To: None <>
From: Ed Ravin <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 06/30/2003 19:06:57
I can't get net-snmp 5.0.8 to compile the
agent/mibgroup/ucd-snmp/memory_netbsd1.c or vmstat_netbsd1.c modules.
It looks like something funky is going on with configure's detection
of ELF on NetBSD:

  checking host system type... i386-unknown-netbsdelf1.6.1
  checking build system type... i386-unknown-netbsdelf1.6.1

Has anyone gotten this to work, or at least have half a clue as to what
might be going on?