Subject: Re: groff question: update needs less -R
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 06/16/2003 14:55:36
>groff-1.19, which I'm working on importing into NetBSD,
>uses SGR (ANSI) as markup instead of whatever that's
>called what the currently used groff uses.
>The change was done since this way, groff can support color.


>xterms display man pages like that fine by default, but
>less needs -R as argument to display them, otherwise the
>SGR markup is displayed as noise.


>One solution would be to add -R to the default pager options
>in usr.bin/man/pathconf.h. That should work, but users
>setting their own PAGER would probably have to adapt.
>less -R displays old-style man pages fine.
>Another solution is to default to the previous behaviour.
>The command line option to switch back to compat-behaviour
>is not a toggle, so if we want to allow the ANSI behaviour
>too, we'd diverge a bit from "normal" groff.
>I guess I prefer option 1.

i'm tempted to urge people to consider option 2.  or does no one print
the preformatted man pages any more?  the overstriking that groff
currently produces when you ask for -Tascii works find in printers.
escape characters most certainly will not.

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