Subject: Re: compiling config
To: Kamal R Prasad <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/14/2003 12:29:28
"Kamal R Prasad" wrote:

> > If you can list the procedure to get this working(assuming its not
> > documented somewhere), that would be great. Also, I managed to build bmake
> > (BSD make) thinking it is a prerequisite. But  Im missing and
> > if its available for download somewhere,  pl. let me know.
> > thanks
> >If you want to build a NetBSD kernel (or the entire sources) you should
> >look at for information
> >on cross-compiling.  This will be _much_ easier than fighting with
> >individual tools. 
> I could get bmake to build through my earlier hack. this script 
> generatea  a directry in /tmp/nbbmake<key> and places all the .o files 
> there. then it does a cc -o nbmake & deletes the directory (and probably 
> the binary too). can you help me progress beyond this pt?

Everything you need to build NetBSD kernels and userland (including make
(called nbmake) and the compiler, etc) should end up in your "tools/bin"
directory.  I'm not sure what the default for this is but
should tell you.

> >If you have any AIX-specific problems, we can fix
> >those when we come to them.
> pl. see
> Item (1) still needs to be patched up after #include <ar.h>. the rest of 
> it is ok.

I'll look at this (or more likely try to convice someone else more
familiar with autoconf to look at it :-).

> also, in one of the header files the bit field is declared as follows:-
> short field1:8,
>         field2:8;
> this generates compiler error. the patch to this on AIX is:-
> short field1:8;
> short field2:8;

Which header file is that?  The only NetBSD headers I can see that do
this are <sys/wait.h> and <netiso/tp_tpdu.h> which shouldn't be included
by the host compiler while building make.

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