Subject: Re: why not "make includes" before "make do-tools" for
To: NetBSD Userlevel Technical Discussion List <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/07/2003 20:52:18
>Why not do "make includes" before "make do-tools" for
>It's necessary if you are trying to get buy with using " -u"
>_and_ if changes to headers are needed in order to successfully build
>some tools, but I'm not sure if it's possible (i.e. whether or not all
>the tools used by "make includes" are already built and installed in the
>tools directory before the general "make do-tools").  It seems to work
>OK, but that's only after getting half-way through the do-tools stage
>and then deciding to try saving some time with '-u'....

that strikes me as a bad idea, since you could then end up with
include files that reference functions that aren't implemented in libc
yet, for example: __unsetenv13, __sigaction14, ...

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