Subject: Re: Sybase for Linux on NetBSD?
To: Jaromir Dolecek <>
From: MLH <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/15/2003 17:20:16
> MLH wrote:
> > I do have a py-Sybase client pkg that uses freetds which is ready
> > to commit, but it requires threads and I'm waiting to see how the
> > python threads stuff works out with -current before I commit it.
> wow, I wasn't aware there was a free client library implementation. 
> Might have helped me a year ago to push NetBSD in one project :)

Wasn't there a year ago. I started working with ObjectCraft about
a year ago to get serious about making their Sybase python module
run on top of FreeTDS primarily for NetBSD. I got a bit of funding
to help push it over the cliff last fall and it wasn't until the
end of Feb that we had time to get it fairly stable.

> The -current threads seem to work fine in Python nowadays. You
> don't get any assertions anymore at least, I don't use for any
> thread-heavy python apps tho. It might be appropriate to enable
> threads again in Python 2.2 pkg.

Yes. I'm using it, but I'm not sure how to adapt the pkg makefile
dependencies for it. The package builds fine for python2.1pth/2.2pth
under 1.6 etc, but I was hoping that the treading issues might be
resolved soon. Maybe I should just go ahead and submit it for 1.6?

We also have a (working) first cut at a Zope DA for it. We even
have some support for stored procedures in the DA, but the stored
procedures can only return results sets - can't return parameters.
We could potentially add this, but haven't decided how to go about
it - as DCOracleDA did or what?

(This is all to support the Plone/OpenFlow development work we are
involved with.)