Subject: Re: bin/15142: cron doesn't use login.conf process limits
To: None <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 03/14/2003 23:46:43
Thus spake ("> ") sometime Today...

> And I really really dislike the fact that there is no appeals system.  I
> submitted a documentation correction. One person committed it, another
> decided (incorrectly IMHO) it was "wrong" and backed it out. Now what?
> The PR sits in gnats until we all grow old and die?

You are not alone.

I submitted a patch once (details available on request) which was
deemed "an egregious hack" and forthwith discarded.

I was rather put out by this, considering no explanation was
ever given for this out-of-hand rejection of what I considered to
be a rather useful improvement to the situation, largely motivated
by the fact that it was something that really bit me hard on the nuts.

> Oh, and while I'm ranting, let me mention this: If I mention on a list
> that such-and-such feature could be better, the LAST thing I want to
> hear is "well, why don't you volunteer!" Don't even bother suggesting
> to me that I should volunteer for something when I have volunteered
> fixes and features that are rotting in gnats. "C'mon."


> I *want* NetBSD to do well. I *want* to see more people working
> on NetBSD. I *want* to help out. Don't take this email as an attack
> because I *want* to be on NetBSD's side. As the saying goes, "Help
> me help you!"


NetBSD: Use the ENTIRE computer!