Subject: Re: tftpd
To: Nathan J. Williams <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 03/03/2003 13:26:54
>> than I ever wanted to be.  I don't see any point in any other
>> sysadmin having to tread over that same ground.
>I agree that they shouldn't have to debug it this thoroughly, but
>improved error logging is suffient. I still think that "magically"
>picking a file with a different name than requested by the client is a
>very, very weird thing to do, and it needs to be justified with a
>better rationale than "a sysadmin won't even have to look at a log to
>see what is broken".

This is why I still beleive cgd's idea of an explicit option (with man page
support and probably syslog support if it gets requests for 0xff files and
the option isn't enabled).

That way it's 

1. Documented completely
2. Not the default so the "out of the box" behavior is what people expect:
   i.e. what I ask for is what I get and nothing more.
3. Available as a fallback if need be for these ROM issues.

Anything else about surprising admin's I can't honestly beleive is valid. If
this is in the man page and spitting out syslog on packets with 0xff appended
then it's assumed the admin can RTFM for assistance.