Subject: admin tools in man1 (or user tools in sbin)
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/21/2003 21:53:29
I see that several tools in /usr/sbin have corresponding man pages under
man1 instead of man8.

Is this correct?

Section 1 is General Commands Manual (system maintenance and operation
commands) and 8 is System Manager's Manual (general commands, tools and

For example, with my comments...

rainier:/usr/sbin$ whatis * | fgrep '(1)'
altqstat (1) - show altq status
daicctl (1) - isdn control, test and statistics utility
dtmfdecode (1) - decodes DTMF tones from A-law audio data
ipftest (1) - test packet filter rules with arbitary input.
* hmmm ... is it okay for normal users to be able to test rules, even if
 rules aren't available?
ipresend (1) - resend IP packets out to network
ipsend (1) - sends IP packets
iptest (1) - automatically generate a packets to test IP functionality
lptest (1) - generate lineprinter ripple pattern
  that is okay for section 1 (maybe should be in /usr/bin).
mopchk (1) - MOP Check Utility
mopcopy (1) - Create MOP image from another executable format
mopprobe (1) - MOP Probe Utility
moptrace (1) - MOP Trace Utility
omshell (1) - OMAPI Command Shell
pkg_add (1) - a utility for installing and upgrading software package distributions
pkg_admin (1) - perform various administrative tasks to the pkg system
pkg_create (1) - a utility for creating software package distributions
pkg_delete (1) - a utility for deleting previously installed software package distributions
pkg_info (1) - a utility for displaying information on software packages
* pkg_info should be okay for all users -- section 1 is okay
postalias (1) - Postfix alias database maintenance
postcat (1) - show Postfix queue file contents
postconf (1) - Postfix configuration utility
postdrop (1) - Postfix mail posting utility
postfix (1) - Postfix control program
postkick (1) - kick a Postfix service
postlock (1) - lock mail folder and execute command
postlog (1) - Postfix-compatible logging utility
postmap (1) - Postfix lookup table management
  postmap is useful for all users -- section 1 is okay.
postqueue (1) - Postfix queue control
postsuper (1) - Postfix superintendent
screenblank (1) - screen saver daemon for wscons and FBIO machines
 probably for all users.
sup (1) - software upgrade protocol
 also okay for all users

As you can see, most of the above listed tools are not general use
commands, but commands for system operations (for administrators).

I am suggesting that some man pages be listed in section 8 for man
pages and that some tools be moved to /usr/bin.

Any comments?

   Jeremy C. Reed