Subject: Re: shell quoting problems
To: David Laight <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 11/27/2002 16:41:27
[ On Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 11:34:09 (+0000), David Laight wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: shell quoting problems
> > IMNSHO the back-quote form of command-substitution should have been
> > deprecated LONG ago!
> You can't, because the default shell on many systems doesn't
> support $(...).

Of course you can!  "deprecate" does not mean "make illegal"

> No one dare change the default shell either, because some scripts
> depend on the specific quoting rules of the actual shell.

That kind of paranoia is just way too prevalent, and has been for way
too many years.

I've been replacing the default shell on dozens of types of unix
implementations for 15 years, and without any significant issues.

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