Subject: Re: CryptoGraphic Disk.
To: Lubomir Sedlacik <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/07/2002 11:30:54
>> > is there any reason why is the control utility inconsistently named
>> > cgdconfig(8) and not cgdctl(8) to follow the way NetBSD does it?
>> > cgdconfig(8) sounds more like FreeBSD tool for me.
>> Well, there are already ccdconfig(8) and vnconfig(8). It looks pretty
>> consistent to me.
>well, i'd say they should be renamed too before it will end in chaotic
>mess.  it is really confusing for newcomers when 1/3 of tools are called
>*config and other 2/3 are called *ctl.  i can understand why tools like
>ifconfig use their names for historical reasons but i don't see any
>reason why new tools should be called *config when most native NetBSD
>utilities uses *ctl suffix.

examine the list of *ctl and *config programs.

% ls /{,usr/}*bin/*{config,ctl}
/sbin/atactl              /sbin/sysctl              /usr/sbin/greconfig
/sbin/brconfig            /sbin/tbrconfig           /usr/sbin/iopctl
/sbin/ccdconfig           /sbin/wdogctl             /usr/sbin/isdntelctl
/sbin/dkctl               /sbin/wsconsctl           /usr/sbin/mdconfig
/sbin/ifconfig            /usr/bin/audioctl         /usr/sbin/mlxctl
/sbin/ipppctl             /usr/bin/mixerctl         /usr/sbin/pcictl
/sbin/ldconfig            /usr/bin/radioctl         /usr/sbin/pppoectl
/sbin/lmcctl              /usr/bin/usbhidctl        /usr/sbin/pvctxctl
/sbin/pppoectl            /usr/sbin/cnwctl          /usr/sbin/tbrconfig
/sbin/raidctl             /usr/sbin/config          /usr/sbin/vnconfig
/sbin/rndctl              /usr/sbin/daicctl         /usr/sbin/wiconfig
/sbin/scsictl             /usr/sbin/eshconfig       /usr/sbin/wsmuxctl
/sbin/swapctl             /usr/sbin/gifconfig

typically, the ctl programs are for controlling a "foo", and perhaps
changing things while the "foo" is being used.  the config programs,
on the other hand, are for configuring a "foo", which stay configured
(and doesn't get reconfigured) while in use.  does that make sense?

>is there any rule how to name new tools?  what about writing one?

yes.  write good ones.  :)

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