Subject: Re: CVS commit: basesrc/bin/ksh
To: Joerg Klemenz <>
From: Ron Roskens <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 09/30/2002 10:35:34
On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Joerg Klemenz wrote:

> Greg A. Woods wrote:
> > That's B.S.  There is no "clean" solution to sharing a single set of
> > ~/.* files across many platforms and shells.  However it's not hard at
> > all to devise reliable run-time tests that can differentiate between
> > each type of shell and of course between platform variances as well.
> It's not hard for you because you have been doing that for 15 years or
> so. With a startup sequence like csh or zsh uses everyone can do than
> in 5 minutes.

Actually what greg proposes is fairly simple to use if you think beyond
the shell. Check out Modules ( for a
method of doing this. It has dependencies upon TCL, but the gist is that
you can write a simple TCL script to setup your environment, and the
module_cmd binary will translate that out into the appropriate commands
for your shell.