Subject: Re: CVS commit: basesrc/bin/ksh
To: None <>
From: Joerg Klemenz <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 09/29/2002 17:33:49
Frederick Bruckman wrote:
> I suppose, but who actually uses "toor" for any purpose? If you really
> mess up "/root/.profile" so badly that you can't log in as root, you
> could always log in as another user and "su -m".

If you have bash as root shell and get a problem w/ your filesystem
that hinders you from mounting /usr and /home you are lost.
Also if you srew your libs you can't load any dynamicly linked shell.

It's always saver to leave /bin/sh as root shell and have toor use a
dynamicly linked bash, zsh or whatever.

I don't think that toor is a security problem. Prove me wrong.

Also TOOR is a germanic god and he pitys the fool who messes with his

joerg klemenz <>